Diabetes Care in the School Setting - September 2013

Child Health BC issued a report on diabetes school care in the school setting. This report may be the first one in Canada to bring a thorough evidence based medicine review of diabetes care in the school setting, and it is unique in consulting parents and stakeholders about the care that affects their quality of life and ability to participate meaningfully in the education system.

"Better late than never" describes the timing of this report. There's nothing ground-breaking in this report - the standard of medical care for diabetes in school dates back to ISPAD 2009 clinical practice guidelines, if not earlier.  The Safe at School principles of supporting children with diabetes date back to at least 1999. Arguably, Canadian Charter Law supported disability rights to access services as far back to 1997 (Eldridge v. BC Attorney General).

Clearly nobody in Province of BC Ministries of Education, Children and Family Development, or Health Service deserve to be patting themselves of the back or congratulating themselves. Given the record (lack of appropriate services to date, stakeholder consultation, evidence based review), it is unlikely anyone ever asked what services do children with Type 1 need to succeed in school?", more likely it was "how can children with Type 1 be shoehorned into the system with minimal effort".

But better late than never.

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Oct 8, 2013, 10:30 AM