BC Patient Care Quality Office

In British Columbia schools, diabetes care issues are typically overseen by Nursing Support Services (NSS) Coordinators who are employed by regional Health Authorities.

While NSS diabetes policies are not set by the Health Authorities, any care delivered by Health Authorities is reviewable by law through Patient Care Quality Offices. We believe that responsibility for school diabetes care does not end with NSS policy - NSS nurses as Health Authority employees -  are still responsible for ensuring that medically necessary services such as administration of insulin and glucagon are available in schools. Health Authorities can provide this through referral to their pediatric diabetes clinics or through other means.

You can learn more about the Patient Care Quality review  process through this FAQ. We encourage parents to use the attached Health Authorities template to complain about problems with diabetes care caused  by Health Authority employees such as NSS nurses.

Send Patient Care Quality complaints to the Health Authority responsible for your school district. You can find the address here.

Patient Care Quality Offices have 40 business days to respond to complaints and their decisions are reviewable by the Patient Care Quality Review Board.
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